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My husband walked out 13 years ago. How do I get my maiden name back? Contact the Department of Social Security or the court system in your area for advice. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 5. Go the clerk's office of the Courthouse in the county you were divorced and get a certified copy of your decree. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 3.

Changing Your Name After Divorce

My divorce decree is lost and I want to go back to my maiden name. What should I do? You may have to file a new petition. Talk to your attorney for advice. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 2. In the state of Illinois, after a divorce can you go back to your maiden name? It should be in your divorce decree that you're allowed to return to your maiden name. If so, take the decree to the Social Security office and apply for a new SS card.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1. My husband walked out on me over 30 years ago and may not be divorced; can I change my name back to my maiden name? Tom De Backer. If he filed for divorce, he could not have gotten it without you being not only informed but consenting to it. So unless you have proof of the contrary, you are still married. However, depending on the laws where you live, you can typically go by your maiden name even if you're still married.

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If I have been divorced for many years and all my paperwork is in my maiden name, do I still have to legally change my name back? Answer this question Flag as Flag as Can I use my birth certificate as an ID when taking back my maiden name after a divorce? How do I change my last name after becoming a widow?

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Is there any problem with choosing which maiden name I wish to revert to? I have both my birth name as shown on my original birth certificate and my adopted name shown in my adoption papers. How do I get my last name back after a divorce? How long will it take to get a new passport? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips If you changed your name after marriage, regardless of your gender, you can return to your birth name after a divorce using the same options as a woman returning to her maiden name.

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Related wikiHows. Article Summary X To take back a maiden name after divorce, start by indicating in your divorce petition that you want to return to a previous name.

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Getting a Name Change Before Divorce

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Co-Authored By:. Jennifer Mueller, JD. Co-authors: Updated: March 29, DC Dianne C. Jan 30, Thank you for the great information and clarification. TD Trisha Dawson Dec 10, Excellent explanations in terms that I could easily understand, great job! JB Joni Bostick Apr 1, Rated this article:. CP Cathi Pentella Feb 25, JA Javasia Arnold Nov 16, IC Indai Cabasag Feb 23, It establishes the final parental rights and responsibilities of the mother and father and is incorporated into the divorce decree. The plan details parenting schedules, decision making, residential requirements, transportation, communication, and dispute resolution.

The purpose of this service is to generate a series of documents that may be used to modify an existing Parent-Child Relationship Order. This modification may relate to child support, child custody, visitation, or all of these matters.

These documents are designed to allow the parties to represent themselves in Court, for uncontested actions only — where there are no disputes over issues. This Petition to Modify Parent-Child Relationship is to be filed in the same jurisdiction as the original order. This Agreement to Keep Property Separate is used to establish the property ownership between two parties joining in marriage, civil union, or common law marriage. A Quitclaim deed is a deed of conveyance intended to pass any title, interest, or claim which the grantor may have in the property, but not professing that such title is valid, nor containing any warranty or covenants for title.

Other folks made more radical transitions.

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Enter Autumn and Erik again. Some folks seemed to have just hated their given names: Raewanda, for instance, wanted to be Olivia. There were kids who were adopted by foster or step-parents, as well. We all put ourselves out there for public scrutiny. Not something I relished.

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At last, the public posting period was done, and I walked up the marble staircase at the courthouse one more time. There was a mural over my head showing Beautiful Justice in her white robes, eyes blindfolded and scales in hand. Then I went home and waited. About a week later, a judge called me. A female judge. That question again. Why after so long? Did you have a problem of some kind with your married name? Do you think this is what you really want? Will you change your mind and want it reversed, the way someone does after they get a big tribal tattoo?!

I told her my story. While I was there, I saw Officer Ledford. But women deserve to have their own names, whenever they want, if that is what they want. Catherine Vance was in a long marriage which began when she was She is completing a memoir on the role her ex-husband's mental illness and childhood abuse played in their lives. She teaches writing for Writespace literary nonprofit in Houston, Texas.

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