Removing scratches from vinyl records

How To Fix Record Skip For Your Vinyl

Larry Geller , Sep 9, Sometimes, it is the best you can do due to rarity reasons. If common or regularly found reasonably, I'll hold out for a better copy. But some music, a challenged example is the best I can do, the music comes first. BuddhaBob , Old Rusty and Dennis like this. I think we can all agree that scratched records suck.

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  • is it possible to repair scratches in vinyl?!

Hence the Magic Eraser trick Old Rusty , Sep 9, Dennis likes this. Location: The Midwest. Scratches are forever. Sid Hartha , Sep 9, Aftermath , Gavinyl and Dennis like this. Not every record exists in mint condition or even near mint. Location: South West, UK. Cure for deeply scratched records - Remove record from sleeve, walk to bin, open bin and release record.

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  6. Classicrock , Sep 9, Is the Magic Eraser trick really safe? Even if the solvents do not damage the record, I would worry about the abrasive particles that might be left behind in the groove, and perhaps, the solvent attacking the glue that holds the stylus in place. I am particularly concerned about the abrasive particles used in such cleaners. If they get well down into the groove, they may not be easily removed by just rinsing the record.

    Step 1: How Records Get Damaged

    To me, it is just not worth it trying to abrade away damage to play a really deeply scratched record. The idea of the stylus catching on something in a severely damaged groove would also make playing such records something I would never do. Larry Geller likes this. Location: Seattle. Just try the wood toothpick method. Thats about the only sometimes-effective method there is.

    It can also reduce the pop effect of a deep scratch For rare records its worth it. Raunchnroll , Sep 9, DigMyGroove , Sep 9, Instead of using a magic eraser could I use pen or pencil eraser? If you can hear the damage, then you do have surface the damage, because you will hear whatever the needle is tracking, both good and bad. I believe there are cleaning solutions which can be used with microfiber cloth.

    However, if you try any of those cleaning solutions and there is in fact damage underneath the paint transfer, you're only real option is to buy a replacement. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How can I remove scuffs from a vinyl record? Asked 5 years, 8 months ago. Active 5 years, 8 months ago. Viewed 3k times.

    Diy slate roof: How to fix scratched vinyl records

    Be aware that too much tone arm weight may cause wear ad damage to your record. Andy Anduerman.

    Clean Vinyl Records With A Vacuum Cleaner

    Depending on how bad the scatches are you can use the inside of a bananna skin rub it in ,wipe off the excess and try itIt works on CD's but I never tried it on records. I have been somewhat successful using an ice cube by rubbing it fairly hard into the grooves.

    How To Clean Vinyl Records

    This method does not repair the scratch, but as I am typing this I am listening to an older record that I couldn't play through before doing this. I like second hand bargains and am playing it on an Audiotronics schoolhouse player I was able to repair. It's not exactly state of the art but it suits me. Freddy Merkel freddymerkel. It could be skipping from dust buildup. This can be fixed by pouring wood glue over the surface of the vinyl record, letting it dry, and then peeling it off.

    This pulls dust from the grooves and may prevent skipping.


    Source: Records Albums. It may work but again it might not as each song on the record is an etched in image of the songs spectrogram. Sanding it off is removing the song.

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    But try it and see what happens. Jim Waters j