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Texas family law courts also order a division of how uninsured and uncovered medical expenses will be covered.

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These uninsured expenses include medical payments to reach an annual deductible and copays. Consider the amount of money that is expected to be paid before the person who carries the health insurance meets the deductible.

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The court will look at the financial situation for each parent and will make a determination on how each parent will be able to pay when coming up with this division of responsibility. The parties are always able to come to an agreement on this division, as well.

Covering Your Wife’s Health Insurance During & After Divorce

In addition, often the availability of Health Savings Account or HSA will play a part in whether the parents decide who will cover uninsured medical expenses. The obligation will also terminate if the child marries before eighteen, is emancipated or dies before that age. If the parents have a child who is disabled and will remain disabled for an indefinite period of time, a judge can order the parent to pay child support for a longer period of time.

To discuss how medical support factors into your case, please contact family lawyers at Scott M. Brown and Associates.

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After the Divorce Is Complete

She currently has health insurance through her current job. I know its after the fact, but did I have the right to do that, declining her coverage? Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Also, was she supposed to add me to her new insurance? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You can find more information on child support in Texas on the Attorney General of Texas website.

Health Insurance and Divorce in Texas

The factors a court should look at include, among others:. To learn more about changing a child support order, you can check the Texas law, V. There are any number of situations that can create a material and substantial change of circumstances. The question is, does remarriage qualify as one of them? But remarriage has two potential aspects that, in many states, do affect child support.

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Are either of these relevant under Texas law? A new child certainly plays a role in calculating child support under the guidelines. Additionally, Texas case law supports the theory that a court should consider a new child in a child support modification application. How so?

If that decreases the amount you have to spend, you'll have more money available to support your children. The topic of remarriage and child support in Texas is a complicated one. This article is only meant to give you a general idea of the issues involved.