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Kenny maintains that he did nothing wrong throughout the entire ordeal, and says that the women who called the number called knowing full well what would happen. However, this scandal nearly cost this good boy musician his career. When first talking to his mom about what he should do for a living, she said that as long as he does something he enjoys, then he will never actually be working a day in his life, just having fun and getting paid to do it.

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By the time Kenny Rogers was in his 50s, he was near the top of the country music scene with dozens of records and awards under his belt. However, even then, he admits that he was nearly broke. He says that growing up with nothing, he never really learned how to manage money, and he would spend it all as soon as he got it.

One of his favorite things that he bought — automatic sprinklers. The first time that Kenny Rogers was ever with a woman was when he was 19 years old. In an interview, Rogers says that he truly did love the girl that he was with, but that they chased him off. That first time ever resulted in the birth of a daughter. However, he is not in contact with his daughter as the girl he got pregnant went and got married to another man.

Rogers said that he is fine the other man being the dad.


Kenny Rogers believes that his current wife Wanda is truly his soul mate. After all, fifth time must be the charm, right?

At the beginning it turns out that they did not like having a man older than them dating their daughter, but Kenny says that the three of them are now best friends. Kenny Rogers grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in a housing project in Houston, Texas at the tail end of the Great Depression. His father went out and fought in World War II, but when he came back, he could not find any work.

Rogers says that seeing his father in that state gave him the encouragement to do better. Kenny Rogers is a country boy through and through, and used to love spending long hours out in the sun. However, this has led to him getting skin cancer, and he is terrified of losing the ability to be with his loved ones. That is why he has not only spoken about his condition for National Skin Cancer Month, but has also quit the music industry, hoping to spend as much time with his wife and twin children as he can.

He would allegedly play eight hours a day multiple times a week. He would play against some of the best tennis players in the country, and was nationally ranked according to the United States Tennis Association.

He would also regularly play when he was on tour, going to the local tennis club in whatever city he was in so he could play against the pros who worked there. The premise of the show is that Kenny is coming to Reno in order to do a book signing, and he needs security. Immediately upon hearing this, two huge Kenny Rogers fans race to be his private security detail, and suffice it to say, hilarity ensues.

Kenny Rogers was featured in a Geico car insurance commercial. His three other friends with whom he is playing just sit there and look at him incredulously as he goes on, waiting for his buddy to either call, raise or fold. All in all, a great, humorous commercial by Geico and Rogers. Back in the early s, Kenny Rogers wanted to make a new greatest love song record, but did not want to choose what was on it.

Instead, he decided to have his fans who watch QVC cast their vote for the song they most wanted to see on there. The record was originally only available on QVC, but was released to the wider public a year later. The show details the life of two men who run a home improvement show along with their family life behind the scenes.

The show was ranked number one in the early s, and continued up until Kenny Rogers recorded a song specifically for the series finale, which can not be found on any disk. The memoir deals with Kenny Rogers and his over five decades as a performer. He talks about everything from his jazz days all the way to when he went solo to become a country music singer at the top of his game. He also talks about what it was like to be one of the country greats to change the country music game.

People love Kenny Rogers. They simply can not seem to get enough of the man. In fact, he is the number 8 most profitable musician of all time according to the RIAA.

Over 30 of his albums went Gold, 19 went Platinum, and one even went Diamond. To go Diamond that means that you have to have sold over 10 million copies. The album that enabled him to get to this vaulted status was his Greatest Hits album which sold over 24 million copies around the world. In the s there was a huge famine in Africa brought about by drought which affected a multitude of countries such as Ethiopia, Sudan, and many other countries. With millions of people malnourished and thousands losing their lives to starvation, the entertainment industry decided to do something about it.

Adding to his entertainment portfolio, Kenny Rogers starred in the movie Six Pack, a movie about racing cars. After being in the music scene for nearly 50 years, Kenny Rogers was finally inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in He was instrumental in making country music more mainstream, and his styles are emulated by nearly every country artist today. Country legend Garth Brooks credited Rogers for showing him how to be a showman when Brooks was first starting out.

In fact, many say that country music as we know it today would not be around were it not for Rogers. Kenny Rogers has put his name on a race team squad that races sprint cars in the s and s. The amateur racers, led by team owner C.

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Spurlock out of Hendersonville, Tennessee, was a very successful team, and won races all over the United States and the world. Kenny Rogers is also a history buff, being particularly interested in the old, wild west and the history of the settlement of the western United States. The show gave an in depth explanation as to who were the major players of western expansion and major events in the history of western America.

Not content to only write his memoirs, Kenny Rogers also wanted to be able to show off his artistic and interior decorative side with his new round of books — coffee table books.

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Both of these books are pictographs featuring glamor shots of the biggest stars of the day, including Michael Jackson, Willie Nelson, Tammy Wynette, and many more. Cracker Barrel is known as a restaurant to stop off at during a long road trip or if you simply want a nostalgia filled experience filled with some amazing food.

The restaurant also has an old timey country store filled with memorabilia and knick knacks from days gone by. The CD has both gospel songs as well as songs sung by Rogers which were big during his childhood. Kenny Rogers and his famous chicken franchise were featured prominently on that show about nothing — Seinfeld. The entire premise of the episode is that the bright red light emanating from the chicken restaurant was keeping the guys from being able to sleep at night, so Seinfeld and Kramer fought to have the restaurant removed.

However, they fell in love with the chicken, and ended up being sad to see it go. When he was close to 79 years old, Kenny Rogers announced that he would quit touring around the country and performing after the concert season. He had been in the music scene for nearly six decades and helped bring country music to the prominence it has today.

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Before going into country music where he made hit after hit, Kenny Rogers was a stand up bass player in a jazz ensemble called the Bobby Doyle Trio. The Trio did not hit it off so well neither financially nor musically, and the trio disbanded in Thank goodness he did, because this set him on track to be the Kenny Rogers we all know and love. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube.

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