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For more information regarding recording your documents, contact us at For recording fees, please see our Fee Schedule. Skip to Main Content. On and after January 1, , taxpayers shall annually assess their tangible personal property for ad valorem taxes during the period from January 1 through May 31 ACA Taxable tangible personal property of new residents and new businesses established between January 1 and May 31, and taxable tangible personal property acquired by residents during the period from January 1 through May 31, except tangible personal property acquired during the period of May 2 through May 31 shall be assessable without delinquency within thirty 30 days following the date of its acquisition.

All taxable tangible personal property assessable during this period shall be assessed according to its market value as of the first day of January of the year of the assessment ACA ACA All property in the state shall be assessed according to its value on the first day of January, except merchants and manufacturers inventories which are assessed at their average value during the year immediately preceding the first of January ACA and motor vehicle dealer inventories which are determined by calculating the monthly average of the number of sales of new and used motor vehicles by the dealer and multiplying the average by the unit inventory value ACA The assessor must make an abstract of assessments showing the total assessed value of the county.

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The county assessor has the legal authority to make any error corrections in the real or personal property tax books after they have been delivered to the county collector provided that the proper pre-numbered triplicate form is used. Please make sure you did not mistype the address and try again.

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You can see all factors used to determine the tax bill and find more information on your property of interest by opening the full property report. See sample report. Georgia does not have a statewide property tax.

The State Revenue Commissioner is responsible for ensuring that property in Georgia is assessed uniformly and equally between and within the counties. A property's fair market value , also known as market value , is the amount for which a property would sell in a competitive and open market, presuming that both buyer and seller are knowledgeable about the sale, allow sufficient time for it, and are not affected by undue pressures e.

A property's assessed value represents a part of its market value. It is the foundation upon which taxing authorities determine the amount of real estate taxes to be paid.

Exemptions are available in Fulton County which may lower the property's tax bill. These are deducted from the property's assessed value to give the property's taxable value.

Unfortunately, we have no information about whether any exemptions currently apply to this property. Therefore, the taxable value will be equal to the assessed value. Property tax is calculated by multiplying the property's assessed value by all the millage rates applicable to it and is an estimate of what an owner not benefiting from any exemptions would pay.

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Please notice that we use old rates, since rates are not available yet. Actual taxes might differ from the figures displayed here due to various abatement, financial assistance programs or fees like solid waste fee about which we have no information. For more information please visit the web pages of Fulton County's Tax Comissioner and Board of Assessors , or look up this property's current valuation.

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