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County law enforcement officials want them to be careful and are taking…. A three-judge panel with the Texas 14th Court of Appeals determined July 11 that a person must register as a sex offender in Texas if they were convicted of sexual…. General News.

Instead, a plea agreement…. El Paso City Council Tuesday voted to amend the ordinance regarding exemptions issued to sex offenders. Currently, judges provide some sex offenders with an exemption to an ordinance which regulates…. The Texas Supreme Court will consider a challenge to the state's retroactive sex offender laws that some say unfairly stack new punishments on those convicted in plea deals.

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When the Beaumont police detective called him in , Curtis wondered what the officer might want. Selling the concept to the public may be difficult, however. Texas law stipulates that minors, defined as anyone younger than 17, cannot legally consent to sex with an adult.

Ray Allen , the former Texas House Corrections chair who helped shepherd into law tough sex registration bills, said he and his colleagues went too far. Now, 15 years on, it turns out that really only a small percentage of people convicted of sex offenses pose a true danger to the public," he said. John Whitmire , D-Houston, the Senate Criminal Justice chair, said, "If we're not careful, we're going to have a sex offender registry that is so large and so encompassing, it's not much good.

Texas Voices members know their chances for success hinge on politicians risking their careers on a population with just about zero political clout. Florence Shapiro , R-Plano, who has been a driving force behind the community notification laws, isn't ready to assume that risk. She insists that if the registry is too large, it's because there are too many people out there committing sex crimes.

Dozens of offenders, along with moms, dads and significant others, show up for the monthly Texas Voices' meetings, sharing stories and plotting strategy.

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The most committed spend days and nights scrolling through the registry seeking to recruit new members. Nearly 1, offenders have been contacted, and about have heeded the call to action, organizers say. Like many interviewed for this story, she asked that her last name not be used for fear it would have negative consequences for her son. Texas' first community notification law was passed in and named for Ashley Estell , a 7-year-old girl snatched from a North Texas playground and murdered by a sex offender parolee.

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The first notices were printed in local newspapers. An online registry followed in Since then, the number of registered offenders has more than tripled to 54,, including nearly 7, who committed their crimes as juveniles, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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Most offenders now must register for life. According to a U. Justice Department study, roughly 5 percent of sex offenders released from prison were rearrested for another sex crime within three years, a recidivism rate lower than for many other types of crimes.

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Annette Burrhus-Clay , executive director of the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, concedes the registry may include people who don't pose a public safety threat. The bigger problem, she said, is the number of people who aren't on the registry but should be. It's hard to say if public registries have made communities safer. Sex crimes haven't diminished in Texas, Burrhus-Clay said, but that might not mean much. Public awareness campaigns may spur more people to report sex crimes, she said. Linda Ingraham , a psychologist in Dallas who has treated sex offenders, said most people would be surprised at the number of low-risk misdemeanor offenders.

She said she's probably treated people who were forced to register because they were caught several times having consensual sex in a park. From her two-story suburban home north of Austin, Jan Fewell, 50, searches for sex abuse victims in order to help their perpetrators.