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If done correctly, you should fly into the building. However, instead of crashing, you should go through it. You should then go through the ground afterwards. You will be stuck and your car should begin spinning. The only way to exit is to restart Free Ride by quitting the game. Election Campain: Submitted by: dunkelwolf After you kill the first 4 guys, turn right, go through doorway, open the barred door.

You will hear someone say "Hey, what's going on? After you kill them look on the floor near the file cabnet. You will find a crowbar, for those of us who dont want to shoot off the lock at the end. Equip the crowbar and press the action key and you get a little film of Tommy prying the lock off. There is also a door to a balcany that is very easy to shoot the dogs from.

I had the thompson and cleaned up all the bad guys easly. Also remember to check the bodies at least 2 had grenades on them, very handy for some rooms. Paulie will not follow you any longer. Though the passage forward is very narrow, you can squeeze yourself to the area where 2 thugs are beating the third guy. Free ride: Submitted by: Dunkelwolf In Free ride if you get into trouble head out of town, there are 3 exits, two are in China Town, one is the way to the airport. This will repair any damage to your car, get police or gangsters off your tail, and if you die it will be your last save point.

This will also clean up all the weapons that are left lying around.

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Unfortenatly it will also remove your cars that you leave in town. It will not heal you or fill your car with gas, it will stop your car from losing gas so fast if your car is damaged. This only works in the full town mods not the small town. Screensaver: Pause game play and allow the game to idle. The game will automatically start an action trailer.

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To those not far into the game, this could be a hint as to what is coming up later. Flying watersource: Submitted by: Rajiv This thing is really easy to do. To do this you need a gun, probably one with low power. Then shoot the lower part of one of those things which you see in the pavements.

In the missions there are a lot of people talking to each other, and some are related too. In the mission Cream de' la Cream: Submitted by: Aryadeep In this mission the death of Morello generally takes place by shooting the aeroplane the one by which Morello tries to escape with Thompson gun. But there is also a trick by which you can kill Morello at no cost of your health and you don't even have to fire a single bullet. As soon as your car escapes into the countryside the game is saved. Now keep a certain distance with Morello's car.

Make sure don't loose him. Keep your car's speed constant. Now if Morello's car doesn't collide with any oncoming car from the opposite side, it passes away the airport way i. Instead it goes up to a hilly road.

This video game provides examples of:

Now constantly follow him. After following Morello's car for a few minute you will see that the car has come to a dead end. This dead end is a bridge under construction. Now a video starts. It shows that when Morello's car has got stuck in the dead end, Tommy drives his car and crash it with Morello's car.

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  • As a result Morello's car topples down from a great height down to a road and now he is dead and the mission ends! S: This trick might not work at the first time you try but don't be upset, load the last saved game and in the second or third time it will surely work. Fire hydrant fun: Get a low power gun. Shoot the lower part of a fire hydrant. You will see that the upper part of the hydrant, flying in the air. When you get to the secound sign where is writen "DUNNIEL" on the left side not the firs one on the right side press NUM0 the one near the arrows and you should be teleported in front of the finish line and you should be first.

    The easiest way to kill Speedy is simple: He will come from the second doorway of the building behind the man you talk to. All you need to do is to park a car infront of the steps that are faceing in the direction of your house. Speedy will come out the door, run into the parked car and stand still. Hope this helps! Find Extreme Freeride Missions: When in the Extreme Freeride mode, you can go to the lighthouse for hints. Go to the door of the lighthouse and equip your map. With the map equipped, right-click the door. With the map on you will be able to see exactly where the mission can be found.

    Cheat mode alternate : Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding chat function. The screen will flash to confirm correct code entry. Effect Code Big hands - boxer Folds roof down on convertibles - jizda Unlimited ammuntion - municak Full health - krefjezivot All special cars: Get to top right corner of the Oakwood in Extreme mode. Go to the one near the curve to the left, and not the one opposite the Oakwood High School. You will see a house to the left of it with a dark blue door.

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    Get near it and press [Action]. Get back to your house in Oakwood and save the game. Quit the current game and start Free Ride mode. You will now be able to select any car.

    Mafia - Free Ride Extreme - Mission #2 - Speed Explosive Truck

    Note: Nothing will say that you have unlocked all Free Ride Xtreme cars, but if you check the Free Ride car selection screen, the cars should be listed there under "Prototypes". Continue with Paulie to the harbor. When the game saves, do not wait outside. Follow the car to the warehouse. Go back and stand in the middle of the road with the car. Watch the map. When the truck moves, get out of the car and take out the Colt When the truck gets close and before it stops, shoot the wind shield until it breaks. The driver will get out of the car and run away.

    You can either kill them or hit him until he reveals the paper works.

    Grand Mafia Crime - Auto Theft

    Note: Unload the truck before going in the harbor. Quick travel: The best way to get to your destination is to travel in trains. They have the shortest route and saves time. You may find the journey boring, but it is much faster than driving yourself. You can also rest by the time train reaches the destination. Big Ship: Submitted by: aaditya In the freeride mode go to guilano bridge and go the top and type "parnik" and see what happened.

    You probably noticed that when you press the inventory key weapon select , the time stops. Did you also notice that if you choose another weapon no time at all is required to switch it?

    In fact, it's exactly like shooting in row, with the same gun. So that's the trick: when you shoot out and run out of ammo, open the select-weapon menu, choose another gun and continue firing. If you have four handguns quite common situation , each one is reloaded with at least 6 bullets, you can shoot 26 bullets in row you don't have to click anything fast because the game stops anyway , and also combine it with rifles.