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In order to file for bankruptcy protection you will need to list all of your creditors. Business Formation by a Paralegal. See: Business Services for heo. Presently we offer this service for Colorado, Florida and Washington State. In Washington State a parenting plan is drafted to determine who the child ren will live with and who will have visitation rights.

Requirements for Divorce

If through a divorce process the parenting plan will be filed along with the final divorce documents. If the parents are not married a parenting plan will need to be established through courts. This process may also include establishing child support for the child ren. Are you a resident of Washington State?

Everything is completed through the mail!

However, both parties must be agreement, unless the respondent resides out of state via the Internet or by scheduling an appointment at one of our offices. See: Divorce Services to have a paralegal complete your documents.

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To insure who inherits your estate after you pass you need to have completed your estate planning. If you do not, then you have no say as to who inherits your assets after your death. Many people that have real property choose a revocable trust to prevent probate of an estate. A trust also includes powers of attorney, living wills, burial instructions, HIPAA waiver and much more.

Estate Planning by a Paralegal. See: Estate Planning Services. Usually this is obtained prior to a disabled child coming of legal age allowing the parents to continue making all legal and medical decisions for the child. Other situations that may require a guardianship are when parents become unable to make legal or medical decisions for themselves and have not executed a prior power of attorney.

Every adult should have a Power of Attorney for Finances and a Power of Attorney for Healthcare where in they have named individuals to act for them when they are not able. If you were married in the state, you do not have to live in Oregon for a specific amount of time to get a divorce. A summary dissolution is desirable because it allows you to get divorced without needing to go to a court hearing, but you have to meet certain requirements to use this option.

Changing Lives In the Juvenile Court

If you do not meet these requirements, you will need to seek a standard dissolution of marriage. The Oregon Courts website offers a list of divorce forms that you can read about and download to complete. It is advisable that you review the site thoroughly.

Local Legal Resources

The more you understand about state requirements and divorce, the more informed your decisions will be. If you are feeling overwhelmed or confused, understand that this is normal.

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The legal process is often complex and confusing. This is why many people choose to get their Oregon divorce papers online from CompleteCase. At CompleteCase, you can get assistance in both the selection of divorce papers and completing those papers.

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You can ensure that you are filling out the correct forms accurately and completely, which can help you avoid possible delays or added costs to the divorce process. When you have completed your Oregon divorce papers online or otherwise, you will need to print and file them with either the county clerk where you or your spouse resides. Make several copies of your documents.

You will need one copy for your records, and one copy to serve your spouse. It is also a good idea to check online or call the county clerk to ask about payment for state filing fees, so you arrive at the court fully prepared to file. The last step in the filing process is to serve your spouse.

If you and your spouse filed as co-petitioners, you can skip this step. Otherwise, you will want to serve your spouse as soon as you file your divorce papers with the clerk. If your spouse refuses to sign the form, you can have a third party serve the documents. You can hire a local sheriff's deputy to serve the papers, or a private process server. The private process server usually costs more, but will often serve the papers faster than the sheriff.

If you cannot locate your spouse, you need to notify the court know so you can perform a service by publication in a local newspaper. This is the most expensive option, so it is worth locating your spouse if at all possible.

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Our guided process is designed to walk you through all the important issues in a divorce so that you can come to terms. To begin the process to complete your official forms online, please press the "Continue" button below. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

Divorce in Oregon Coming to the conclusion that you need to get divorced is not an easy thing. How to File Divorce Papers in Oregon When you have completed your Oregon divorce papers online or otherwise, you will need to print and file them with either the county clerk where you or your spouse resides.

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