White people all look the same

Researchers claim their study will help combat racial bias.

Tlaib said she has "seen it on the House floor" with people calling Elijah Cummings "John Lewis" and also the other way around with people calling Lewis "Elijah Cummings. I love them because they go along with it.

What happens when I try to talk race with white people

Meanwhile on Wednesday, Tlaib wrote a tweet that took seven parts to publish per the character limit per tweet. She said white men have an advantage over other people of color.

Perception that other races look alike rooted in visual process, says study

She went on to cite sources that claim facial-recognition technology "falsely matches" women of color 10 times more than white women. This is a deeply flawed technology," Tlaib wrote. Tlaib claimed the technology is untested, and that "it will rely on real people to make judgments about whether someone is a match. Scientific research about the cross-race effect shows that people are less accurate in judging faces of people of a different race.

The authors of the experiment discovered that the face-recognition part of the brain showed more activity when the test subjects viewed a white face than when they viewed black faces.

Study Shows Black Faces Look Similar to White People

The subjects were also asked to rate the similarities between white faces and did the same with black faces. The subjects perceived larger differences when the faces were white but rated the black faces as somewhat similar to each other.

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The researchers say the study is important because it seems to indicate that inaccurate perception can become a neurological reality when it is translated to the brain, which can lead to inaccurate witness statements and other biases. This all seems like a legitimate, scientific approach to understanding implicit biases in racial perceptions until you realize three caveats to the research:.

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