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You might also find out that he was arrested for a DUI. Afterward, try PeekYou. When it finds information, PeekYou indexes all the links in one place for easy browsing. You can quickly see an overview of just about anyone.

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All you have to do is enter your address in whitepages. You can click on houses to see publicly available information about the people living around you.

Adding to the anxiety are the privacy issues that The Beat raises. You see a picture of the person and their home and work addresses. But it never hurts to double-check. One word of warning: always take the information with a grain of salt.

How to Run a Personal Background Check on Yourself

People search sites can accidentally combine separate people in one profile. Want to hear more about online research techniques?

Background Reports

All over the last month or last week or have they been active for a year or more. More than one pic in their profile?

Free Background Check Search

Look at who is liking their posts. His were all liked by Nigerian friends. Blocked immediately. They are even contacting people in online Scrabble games now. In addition to social media profiles, check them out on LinkedIn to get a view from a slightly different angle. Before you spend too much time chasing rabbit trails on Google or searching social media sites, run a reverse image search on any images your significant other has sent to you, including their profile picture on dating profiles or their email account.

Do they use the same profile photo for all of their social media accounts?

How to Find Your Employment History

However, criminal records are recorded and filed differently depending on local laws. If you know the county or state your partner lives in, you may be able to view portions of their criminal history online. You can even narrow your search down by different counties and case types, such as criminal or traffic cases. If your search comes up dry, it might be because the courthouse does not maintain an online criminal records database. In that case, you may have to pay a small administrative fee to request the documents in person.

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A new IOS app aims to help keep online dating safe. The Public Access to Court Electronic Records PACER system provides online access to federal court records, which employers can use to see if you've been involved in civil or criminal court cases.

Was a Background Check Run on You?

For example, a state may allow employers to look back only five years, or to consider felonies but not misdemeanors. What if you were arrested but not convicted? However, as the experts noted above, certain states have laws that preclude the statute, so depending on where your arrest occurred, an employer may or may not be able to use that against you. Note that your record might not even come into consideration during the job application process. This guide from Nelp.

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For instance, there's a difference between a single instance of car theft 25 years ago, and a dozen convictions for car theft. For example, if you were convicted of embezzling money, the odds of you getting hired as an accountant are slim to none.

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Take a proactive approach by running a criminal background report on yourself prior to seeking employment, advises Philadelphia career coach Rita Friedman. Check for errors on your report, since background check companies routinely mismatch people with similar names, report an arrest without reporting that no charges were filed, reveal sealed or expunged information, list single charges multiple times, or misclassify misdemeanors as felonies.

If you spot an error, you can dispute it with that particular company.

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What you've done since your conviction and the rehabilitation you've completed may also come into play. Emphasize that you are committed to making a positive contribution to society and see this job as a wonderful opportunity to do just that.