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For example, slaves under Spanish colonial rule in Cuba were forbidden from openly worshipping Orishas by their Catholic slave owners. But they discovered a clever way around that problem.

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After noticing similarities between their deities and the pantheon of Christian saints, the displaced Yoruba realized they could honor Orishas on days of celebration for their Catholic counterparts. This allowed them to practice their religion in plain sight, without fear of retribution. But, despite the hard work involved, many people in younger generations are seeking to reconnect with their heritage by consulting with these priests and priestesses known as santeros and santeras , respectively. And these conversations are starting to show up more frequently in popular culture. The French-Cuban musical duo, Ibeyi.

Image credit: Maya Dagnino. In recent years, more and more artists have included references to Orishas—as well as other aspects of Yoruba culture—in their work. One prominent example is Ibeyi , a musical duo comprised of French-Cuban twin sisters Lisa and Naomi Diaz, and named for the Orisha depicted by a pair of twins. Fun fact: not only do the Yoruba instill spiritual significance in pairs of twins, they also have one of the highest rates of twin birth of any ethnic group.

But the most explicit homage to Oshun has to be her Grammy Awards performance. Dressed head to toe in gold attire and noticeably pregnant, Beyonce embodied an impressive depiction of the sacred Orisha. On the surface, it may seem surprising that a widely displaced culture—one with very little written history—is having such a big impact on the mainstream in the s.

But it makes sense.

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More than a millennium later, the continued influence of the Yoruba is a testament not only to the power of their ideas, but to the resilience of the people themselves. Mira Nakashima inherited her father George's shop and set to work continuing his artistic legacy.

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The Cultural Legacy of Yoruba 5 minute read. Living for the City Contrary to what many may imagine about medieval Africa, the Yoruba were largely an urbanized people, with an intricate, bureaucratic government. An Evolution of Gods The Yoruba religion has been described as a folk philosophy , a system of belief developed to give meaning to the physical and spiritual worlds. An array of materials are used by the Yoruba including bronze, leather, terracotta, ivory, wood, glass and more. When found by some Europeans, it was thought that the artwork had to have come from an outside source, many believed ancient Greeks or Romans.

Most Yoruba art has a meaning or purpose behind it.

History of the Yoruba people

Some items are carved for worship or for celebration, sometimes as a commemoration of Yoruba culture. Many carvers come from a long familial lineage of artists and spend many years studying new and ancient techniques. A tradition of the Yoruba are annual and seasonal masquerades. Masquerades are held for different purposes and meanings such as worship, celebration, harvest etc. Huge festivals are held that can sometimes last days. A great amount of work goes into the construction of these events. Costumes and masks need to be made, performances rehearsed, food preparation etc.

The masks and clothing associated with these festivities are considered sacred and are not supposed to be touched by an ordinary person or they may lose their power. Some costumes are passed down for generations.

Myths of creation disregarding the Big-Bang Theory

Each child made their mark in the following urbanization of the Yoruba confederacy and each kingdom tracing its origin back to Ife. Due to this, the aborigines became a serious threat to the survival of Ife. They became marauders, and began raiding the towns dressed in costumes made of raffia with frightening appearances. She was rewarded for her patriotism and selflessness by becoming immortalized, and is now celebrated at the Edi festival amongst her Yoruba descendants.

Did the Ancient Yoruba People Originate in Egypt???

Diverse traditions comprised of traditional and spiritual concepts and practices make up the Yoruba religion. There is no single founder, and the religion is comprised of complex songs, stories, and histories which all play a role in Yoruba society.

Their homeland is pretty big

Yoruba religion is practiced throughout the world including countries such as Brazil, Cuba and parts of North America. Ogun — God of metal, war and victory.