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For more information, please see Social Security numbers for non-citizens.

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You will also need one of the following to get a new Social Security card: School ID Work ID Military ID Official school transcript Medical records Medical insurance card not a paper "medical card" It usually takes weeks to get an official school transcript or medical records. As a foreign-born U. You can prove that you are a citizen by showing your: U.

As a non-citizen If you are a non-citizen with permission to work, you can apply for a Social Security number or may have one already.

Certificate of Live Birth vs Birth Certificate Learn the Difference

Documents you can use to prove these things include: Form I, permanent resident card; Form I, employment authorization document "work permit" ; or Form I, arrival-departure record. Hospitals in the U. Many parents request more than one copy at this time for future use. If you later need more birth certificates, you can contact the Division of Vital Records of the State in which you were born. A person born outside the United States to a U.

How the Foreign-Born Children of American Citizens Can Prove or Obtain U.S. Nationality

It depends on whether one or both parents were U. The Department of State website has more information on this subject, which is beyond the scope of this article. If you do meet all the requirements, you may apply for a Certificate of Citizenship to claim your U.

How do i get a copy of my birth certificate if I was born abroad?

An alternative option is to obtain a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, discussed in 3b below. Other than acquiring citizenship at birth, you could also derive citizenship after birth through a U. Form N may also be used in this situation to obtain a certificate and claim your citizenship.

Proof of Citizenship or U.S. National Status

Form NK , Application for Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate Under Section , is another form to claim citizenship for a minor child who regularly lives outside the United States. The report is another form of proof of the child's U.

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A CRBA can only be generated at an American consular office overseas while the child is under age Once it is recorded, however, the CRBA may be replaced or amended at any time. All previously issued DSs remain valid for proof of citizenship.

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If you need more copies, you should request FS instead. Most immigrants become citizens by filing Form N , Application for Naturalization.

The Certificate of Naturalization and the Certificate of Citizenship are two different documents.