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Stay ahead of the law. Begin your search. On February 28, , Bailey was arrested for drunk driving in California. He was acquitted, thanks in large part to the defense conducted by Robert Shapiro , who employed Bailey on the O. Simpson criminal defense team 12 years later. The drunk driving trial so enraged Bailey that he wrote a book, How to Protect Yourself Against Cops in California and Other Strange Places , which alleged serious abuses by police and argued that driving under the influence of alcohol had become "a number, not a condition". He furthermore asserted that political pressure had motivated police to go after celebrities in particular.

Bailey's high public profile has come both as a result of the cases he has taken and his own actions. The Florida disbarment was the result of his handling of shares in a pharmaceutical company named Biochem Pharma [43] during his representation of marijuana dealer Claude DuBoc. It had been held by Bailey because it would be sold immediately if it came into government possession, but it was expected to rise dramatically in value.

The majority said Bailey had not proved by "clear and convincing evidence that he possesses the requisite honesty and integrity" to practice law. Alexander in which Bailey's suitability to practice law was examined. After oral arguments were heard on the reconsideration, Justice Alexander granted the motion, stating that "[a] general survey of the state precedent on the debt payment issue suggests that the existence of a debt, by itself, may not result in a finding of lack of good moral character Rather, findings of failure of proof of good moral character tend to be based on misconduct regarding effort — or lack of effort — to pay the debt, or misconduct referencing the debt payment obligation in the bar admission process.

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On April 10, , the Maine Supreme Court voted 4-to-2 to side with the Bar Examiners and reverse Justice Alexander's decision, which continued to prevent Bailey from practicing law in Maine. He is portrayed by Nathan Lane in The People v. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Will the Jeffrey Epstein case derail Alex Acosta's political future?

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